Troubleshooting tips

Cannot connect my Nanny to the WiFi

Sometimes WiFi can be tricky. Please, try the following:

  • If it’s blinking yellow:
    1. Connect your mobile WiFi to the network whose name starts with “NANNY”.
    2. Open the menu (top right) and go to “Install Nanny”; follow the instructions.
    3. If you get a “Connection error”, make sure that your phone is connected as explained at step 1.
  • It’s blinking red:
    1. Remove the “power” plug (USB), wait 5 seconds, plug it again.
    2. Repeat the installation process.
    3. Make sure that the WiFi name and password are correct.
  • Done, the WiFi details are perfect :
    1. Is your Nanny too far from your WiFi router?
    2. Just plug it in near the router and wait for it to start.
    3. If it blinks green you probably need a WiFi extender.
  • It’s blinking green:
    1.  Your Nanny is connected and working. Go to the home (menu:my crop)
    2. Are there numbers in the boxes? If yes, everything is already working.
    3. If not, open a ticket at the bottom of this page. Please include which country you are in and the name of your Internet provider.

My app is slow

Yes, we know that in some phones the app feels too slow, and we apologize for that. It has to check for a lot of things every few seconds. Anyway, we promise to improve that.


How can I calibrate my sensors?

It’s not necessary. Our probes come already calibrated from the factory and we test them before sending. If you want to make sure, put the probes in a calibration buffer and check if the measures are similar right. Read also the next point.

Nanny’s measures are not correct

Please check that the probes are well plugged. Press the temperature probe until it clicks; the pH and EC plugs need a quarter-turn to plug. Wait 4 seconds and see if it’s better. Sometimes the pH needs longer to adjust.

If you are still unsure, try to measure a calibration buffer. How much do they differ? Take into account that even industrial quality probes are not exact. Differences up to 0.5 points in pH or conductivity are within the normal error in these probes. If the difference is more than that, maybe your pH probe needs a replacement.

We didn’t solve the problem?