Beginning today, you can buy a Nanny for your hydroponic culture if you live in USA, Mexico or Canada. Other countries are coming soon. If you live in a different country, just write us to info (at), and we will try to serve your order.

Some of you have been following us for some time, and first of all I would like to thank you for your patience and interest. Without your support and some enthusiastic feedback we would probably not be here today.

For us it has been a very long journey which started more than 2 years ago when we felt in love with hydroponics. We wanted to solve real problems, so begun talking to farmers and growers. We did not make a poll; instead we had conversations and listened carefully to the things that worry or bother you. Every experienced grower has a horror story: there are clogged pumps, silly mistakes, bugs… Many of those stories end with dead plants or lost crops. We learned that some of you cannot go on vacation because automation is expensive and you cannot trust that a friend will know enough to take care of your plants like you do. We were amazed by the amount of knowledge, by the effort, by the proudness of obtaining a fine quality harvest.

We designed and built Nanny for you, but also for us. We would like to make a lot of happy growers; so delighted that they talk wonders about home farming to their friends which in turn become more happy growers; the more the better. We believe that spreading hydroponics at scale is a worthwhile mission because the benefits of having a lot of farming savvy people are huge. Imagine that hydroponics were so cheap and easy that it becomes widely adopted. Local farms on rooftops and waste grounds; personal crops in terraces, … Cities will become more sustainable, resilient and green (literally); less trucks producing CO2; less fertilizers ending in lakes and aquifers; huge water savings!. Locally grown food will be fresher, tastier and healthier. Who wouldn’t like this future?

Nanny en cultivo

In order to complete this mission we need to make Nanny so awesome that you fall in love with it. We keep on working on that: we have lots of exciting plans for the future, always with the target of making hydroponics easier and more productive. What do you think of Nanny so far? It would be awesome to hear which problem you would like solved in the future, but the only way to know what you really think of Nanny is to start selling it. Over the next months, we will be making small batches and selling them online. If you are interested in owning one and helping to shape Nanny’s future with your feedback, be quick because only a few units will go to online sales each time. The shop will be often out of stock and you will have to wait until we make another batch.

We put the best of ourselves in Nanny. We are nervous to raise the curtain but happy to do it at last. For all of you, here is Nanny.

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