What does Nanny do?

It monitors hydroponic cultures. When something is wrong it sends an alarm and tells you what to do.

Hydroponics rookie here. How does Nanny help?

Farming is a craftsmanship: it requires time to become an expert. Nanny will gently guide you to avoid catastrophic mistakes and to mature as a grower.

I have never used hydroponics. How do I start?

You will need some space with access to electricity, a hydroponic system, and a bit of spare time. Go on, you won’t regret it; let Nanny do the harder stuff for you and enjoy a rewarding experience. Here you are some free resources online:

I am an experienced hydroponics grower. Is Nanny useful for me?

The Grower’s guide contains many “pro” articles, and veteran farmers love the peace of mind that constant monitoring gives you.

I grow in pots. Can I use a Nanny?

Yes you can, but you need to collect the drainage to put the sensors in it.

How to collect drainage

My system does not recirculate water. How do I use a Nanny?

Like with pots, you will need to put the sensors in the drainage. You can also use the app to prepare your nutrient mix.

I want to grow tomatoes for cooking. I saw this cute gadget to grow them by the kitchen window.

We have seen quite a lot of this miniature systems. We like them; they are decorative and cool, but scold the ones who lie about “eating your own crops”. If you want to eat tomatoes, you need a real hydroponic system. By the way, Nanny is cute too 😉

I want a Nanny for my window plants.

We do not recommend Nanny for that. It is designed to maximize crops and would be overkill for that use. If it is worth for you though, go ahead; every plant deserves love.

Can I use Nanny for a soil based culture?

I am afraid not. It is very difficult to collect drainage from soil, so there is no simple way to continuously measure what is going on around your plants’ roots.

I do not have WiFi connection at my growing site. Can I still use it?

Sorry, not yet. Leave your email and stay tuned.

Can I grow marijuana?

If laws in your state abide it, yes of course. Nanny will help you grow the best hydroponic cannabis.

My culture is big. How many Nannies do I need?


Only one if you have a mono-culture. Nanny’s advice is tailored to the specie you are growing, so you will take one pot or coco slab as a sample to represent the whole culture. If you grow different seeds but they share similar needs they can also be monitored by a single Nanny. If you grow very different plant species, you should monitor each group separately.

How much does it cost?

409$, but we want it to be cheaper, so we are preparing a crowd-funding to build our first big batch. This will allow us to cut prices.

I can buy a much cheaper pH and EC meter.

Nice! We like hydroponics savvy people. We know a few who are real artists with years of experience and they have taught us a lot. They still like Nanny because they sleep better knowing that the plants are watched over and safe.

Is my data secure?

Communications are protected end to end by industrial-grade encryption, the same type that banks use.

Will you add irrigation controls to the Nanny in the future?

Not yet, but it is in our plans. Be informed.

Does Nanny have an API (Application Programming Interface)?

Not at this moment, but it is in our roadmap.

Shut up and take my money

Where can I buy it?

Just one click away, in the “buy” page; or you can ask for it at your preferred retail store.

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