There are many myths about hydroponics. Often there is a bias toward the positive characteristics and disadvantages are ignored, but like any other culture system it has both advantages and disadvantages. Using hydroponics does not ensure higher yields by itself; it is not magic, just science!
Anyway, you need not be an expert in order to get successful harvests. You just have to be attentive and persevering.

“With great power comes great responsibility” (Benjamin Parker)

With a hydroponic system in a controlled environment you have much more control over the growth of plants, so you can get very high yields. But you must make sure that your system works because as there is no soil, you should constantly supply everything the plants need to grow healthy.
We have listed some advantages and disadvantages. Read on to decide if hydroponics is for you. 

Pros of hydroponics:

  • Growing anywhere. You needn’t fertile ground.
  • Water can be reused, so hydroponics systems require 20 times less water than soil based gardening.
  • Reduces nutrient leaching into the environment (and you save money)
  • No pesticides, if you provide a sterile environment to the plant.
  • Hydroponics systems need 20% less space for growing.
  • You can have complete control over nutrient balance.
  • Less labor. Hard tasks such as tilling, cultivating, fumigation and mulching are not required for hydroponic growing.
  • Growing year round; season isn’t a problem.
  • Crops grow faster in hydroponic culture than in  a soil based growing medium.
  • It is a proven technology that ensures high yields.
  • Harvesting is easier. Growing is a relaxing hobby, stress-relieving and a great way to spend quality family time.

Cons of hydroponics: 

  • Installing a hydroponic system isn’t cheap.
  • More supervision is required.
  • Mistakes and system malfunctions affect plants faster, without soil acting as a buffer.
  • Hydroponic gardens are affected by power outages.
  • It requires the use of better water.
  • Waterborne diseases spread quickly.
We tried to be balanced on this analysis. Hope this was helpful!
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