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Tell me more about how it works

The sensors that you put into the water measure the pH, conductivity and temperature. Other sensors measure air temperature, relative humidity and light. With this info the software knows if the plants have enough food, the conditions are prone to fungi or if there is a blackout (among many other things, see next)

Every two seconds the computer analyzes the data. If it detects that the plants need you it sends you an alert to your mobile. The app informs you of the seriousness of the problem and the different ways you can solve it.

We also have some new things coming that will surprise you, but we just can’t spill the beans yet.

Full feature list

Continuous monitoring:

  • Nutrient solution (or drainage if your system does not recirculate)
    • Electrical conductivity
    • pH
    • Temperature
  • Environment
    • Temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • Lighting
    • Atmospheric pressure

Grower’s tools:

  • Nutrient solution change
    • Conductivity and pH levels feedback
    • Visual, easy to use: less mistakes
    • Novice tips
  • Grower’s guide
    • Comprehensive set of short knowledge pills
    • Practical, aimed to solve growers’ common problems
    • Basic and advanced subjects


  • Agricultural intelligence:
    • Professional knowledge for your plants
  • Secure communications:
    • Strong , end to end encryption
  • Automatic updates
    • Your product will  improve continuously


  • Push notifications for Android and iOS
  • Each one includes its “what to do” tip
  • Nutrient solution
    • Electrical conductivity high
    • Electrical conductivity low
    • pH high
    • pH low
    • Temperature high
    • Temperature low
  • Environment
    • Temperature high
    • Temperature low
    • Relative humidity high
    • Relative humidity low
    • Lighting changes
  • System
    • Power outage
    • Pump malfunction (planned)
  • Plagues (early warning of plague risk)
    • Red spider mites
    • Aphids
    • Thrips
    • Leafhoppers
    • Botrytis (grey mold)
    • Powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca macularis)
    • Powdery mildew (Leveillula taurica)

iOS and Android App

App nanny

The home screen is designed so you know at first sight the general state of your culture and how the main parameters are evolving. The warnings are important: they will also appear here so you don’t need to look for them.

App nanny

Make an irrigation solution with optimum pH and conductivity: add fertilizer slowly until the circles are aligned: there you are the perfect mix.

app nanny

The guide contains a lot of useful information. Use it as you like: read it through (to learn everything) or just the bit you need to solve a situation.

We love it, which is normal since it is our baby.

We would like to know if you like it too. So we built a few and are selling them by invite only. Now we want to make a big batch and also lower the price. We are preparing a crowdfunding campaign to achieve it.

Unlike most crowdfunding projects we are not offering an idea or prototype; the product is already working and there are people using it. You will not have to wait for a year to receive it. We want you to have your nanny two months after the event’s end.


Who has worked on this?



Agricultural Engineer

She knows more than anyone about hydroponics. She adopts orphan plants.


José Ángel

Telecommunications, bioengineering and electronics Engineer

He has the longest title so he got the hardest job: Technical Director.



Industrial Engineer

His mission is making sure we build things you can love, and drinking coffee.

Jorge Rabadán


Graphic design and photography

Blame him for nanny’s elegant curves and beautiful packaging.



Graphic design and interaction

She baked and glazed with love every pixel in the app.


Digital marketing

They use arcane spells and witchcraft to make Google love us.


Our awesome partners who programmed the app and servers that keep everything running.


Produced the packaging. They are addicted to vintage printing techniques and the smell of ink in the morning.


Passionate people who are helping us to put this product on the market.

We also want to thank the European Union for its effort to foster entrepreneurship with projects such as Startup Europe, and the Community of Extremadura and Agrotech StartUp program in which we took part.

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