Three weeks ago we started beta testing Nanny. Almost every pure digital startup launches products while still in beta. That isn’t advisable for a hardware company because when things fail you cannot simply release a new version as you would do with a web site. You want everything to work as a charm before selling the product, nanny hanging (1)and beta testing is the last step before this can happen. It means that we are closer to launch and that is why you see an ear to ear smile in our face 😃

We are advocates of eating our own dog food, so we decided that everyone at easyponic will also participate in the beta by using a Nanny in a real growing setup. It will be routine for the agricultural science part of the team; let’s see what it is for the rest of us: I got to be the first beta tester.

I have grown decorative plants in pots for years, and even planted potted tomatoes twice, but it is my first time controlling a hydroponic culture. I had very bad luck with my tomato pot cultures: whiteflies and other bugs destroyed my crops. When you take care of plants is disheartening to see them dying and not knowing why or what to do. But good things come sometimes from bad ones and the tomato disaster was the very beginning of the journey that took me here. This time it is going to be different, as I have a Nanny to help me along. Inside Nanny there is all the agricultural knowledge that I need to grow and to obtain a professional crop. It will take care of measuring every relevant parameter and will warn me if there is a problem.

indoor grow cabinet and leds (1)

While working on the project, I have learnt a lot about hydroponics but you know that theoretical knowledge is not the same as getting your hands dirty by putting it into practice. In that aspect I am a beginner. This is what makes me a good testing subject as our purpose with Nanny is to enable anyone to grow a real hydroponic crop; even rookies like me. I will be writing a series of posts about what is like to start a hydroponics culture for the first time. I am growing… you guessed it; tomatoes! I am sure it is going to be fun.

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