When we see how urban farming is being developed and becoming part of our cities, one question that comes up is: who is going to own and operate the production systems? Big corporations or individuals and local companies? Which one do you prefer?

I personally wouldn’t like big companies to be the sole owners of yet another piece of the economic cake. This one, the food production is too important to let them take all the decisions. If our experience serves as a hint, leaving it to big players will mean declining quality and one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead I prefer a more diverse network of suppliers which can deliver quality, variety and local economic growth. I want tasty, healthy food which was grown in a sustainable way. I even want to be able to grow some part of my food if I choose to do so.

Another reason to promote small scale urban farming is that it is an occupation that a lot of people would really enjoy doing, so this is an opportunity to help people be productive and happy. If countries measured people’s happiness as an indicator instead to relying solely on almighty GDP, our world would be much better.

hydroponic system

The ugly thing is that this won’t happen unless we do something. The way to democratize hydroponics is to make it really easy and affordable, to lessen risks (specially for beginners) and to spread the word. At easyponic we believe we can help and that is why we built Nanny: to make hydroponics easier and to increase the success ratio for growers and farmers.

The Nanny you see today is still only the base of the system that we are building: now it senses and thinks (a little). We worked hard to build on this foundation as much value for you as we could, but this is only the beginning; the system is going to grow. It will think better, it will sense more and yes; it will be able to act (just wait for it). We are building a modern, complete automation system for hydroponics control.


We made Nanny as affordable as we could. A comparable system (with much less functionality) typically costs from $400 up to $900, but we understand that our current price is still too expensive for many people. We are committed to make it cheaper. Although it is not easy for a new product which is manufactured at low volume, we are trying hard to lower costs and price.

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Do you want to help democratize hydroponics? Here there are a some ways you can:

  • Join our beta testing program (and get a super cheap Nanny with it)
  • If you never tried to grow, start today; you won’t regret. 
  • Be passionate, learn and share.
  • Spread the word. Share this article or any other you find inspirational.
  • Get in touch. Let us know your thoughts and help us building all the amazing things we are planning.

As always, thanks for reading.

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