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Nanny takes care of your plants so you get better crops

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What is it for?

It’s a device that takes care of small size cultures like those in a terrace or indoors, or medium sized ones like those on a rooftop.

  1. Nanny has sensors to watch over the culture
  2. When your plants are in danger it sends an alert to your cell phone
  3. The App tells you what to do to avoid your plants suffering

Quantity and quality

Experienced professional farmers know how to make the right choices for everything to grow healthy. Judith, our  agricultural engineer has put that knowledge into the nanny so you can avoid mistakes and get awesome crops.

Grow better with less effort

  • How do I adjust the pH?
  • If it’s hot, should I fertilize more or less?
  • Is my tap water good?

Learning and making progress is really rewarding, but it is also hard. It is easier and more fun with a good teacher.


Take it easy or go on vacation, knowing that your babies are in good hands.

Farming demands a lot of attention and it is sad to see your plants sick or plagued after months taking care of them. Put Nanny on watch and relax.

Hydroponic or potted

We are fans of hydroponics; if you already have a recirculating hydroponic system, just put the sensors in the tank and launch the app.

If you use pots or do not recirculate the water, you will need first to collect drainage to put the sensors inside.

For soil cultures it is not recommended.

What I can grow?

Anything: vegetables, flowers, herbs and yes, also cannabis (if it is legal in your state; we do not encourage breaking the law)
Nanny is designed and built by professionals so you can grow whatever you want and have a good crop.

Know more about Nanny

Available very soon!

Even if you do not have a Nanny, the Grower Guide is really helpful!


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