Most of us have done that sometime. Now, if the experience feels bad, imagine what is like killing a whole crop.

Everyday there are more people who start small cultures at their terraces, backyards or rooftops. Our motives are varied: some want to eat organic food; some to reduce their carbon footprint, to rescue local varieties neglected by the food industry, to start a small business, to learn, to teach… My favorite one is “to live the experience”. Deciding on the seeds, then planting, watching them sprout, growing, harvesting and then eating your own crop is something everyone should do at least once in a life. The whole journey is very satisfying and, in my case, it actually connected to something deep inside myself. It is one of those experiences that might change you, and if you have kids, sharing it with them is even better.

The problem is that most urban growers lack the experience of a farmer. The number of new things that you need to learn is daunting and the odds that you make a mistake are high. Even if you do not kill the crop, you probably won’t be able to get a decent yield; but it shouldn’t need to be that way. To get frustration instead of a enlightening experience is painful and a waste. I suffered it once and thought: “This is indeed a problem worth to be solved”… luckily I like to solve problems 😉

I will write someday about the journey of creating Nanny, but now I’ll just tell you that we did it. I teamed up with a group of enthusiastic, talented people and we built a physical device and an app. Together they enable anyone to be a urban farmer and be rewarded with professional results. We made a few dozens to test and sell the first ones, and we are preparing a crowd-funding to build the first batch with industrial processes. Our testers love the product; they tell us that it is a game-changer.  

Hydroponic systems

Nanny is not a toy, a cute device for growing a tiny amount of herbs on your kitchen shelf. It is meant for serious growing. Inside it we put scientific expertise to grow professional crops with little prior knowledge. Nanny will monitor everything that affects your plants and will tell you what to do. It will send alerts and expert advice to your phone at the right time. It will guide you through the different growing stages, will teach you how to water, feed your plants and reduce risks.

If you are a grower or want to become one, sign up and help spreading the word. We have exciting plans for the future and will be posting periodically about them. We will also be giving advice on how to start your own culture and related subjects. Thank you very much for your interest.

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