We are celebrating here: The last Nanny of the first batch has just been sent. Beta testers should be receiving them this week or the next one. This is awesome because it marks a big milestone for Nanny; it’s growing up.

Up until now, all the beta testing has been done by friends or in-house. For the first time they are in the hands of customers. This distinction is important; friends or ourselves are inevitably going to be biased. We love Nanny as we have been working on it for two years. Friends love us, so they don’t like to hurt us. Customers on the other side have paid for a product and have expectations. If they do not like something, they will tell right away. That is exactly the point of asking beta testers to pay: we want to know what’s not so good to be able to fix it. On the other side, when a customer loves it, that is a signal that we are in the right path.

Today’s shipment means more. It is also a test for the whole manufacturing-sales-logistics process. There are so many little details to keep track of… No big production lines spitting thousands of Nannies and drone delivering but just a manual process, making a few at a time. A lot of dedication and love; not so different to tending a culture.


As always, last minute problems arose and had to be solved. For instance, our laser cutting machine had a problem. It makes part of the Nannies and the foam to protect the pieces inside the shipping box; you imagine!… We managed though and they are on their way. Yes!

The immediate future is exciting too because beta testers will help us testing customer support. We want  users to be so happy that they tell their friends about Nanny. The only way to achieve this is to listen and help. We are going to be there.

This ride is getting more and more complex and fun. To all the people who made it possible: the beta testers and first clients; my partners; friends and family… To all of them, thank you!


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