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About Iñigo

Easyponic's CEO. His mission is making sure we build things you can love, and drinking coffee.

10 basic facts to understand hydroponics

3 Feb 2016|Hydroponics|

Farm anywhere Hydroponics is the way to grow plants where there is no soil available. You will find it on rooftops, walls, indoors, rocky islands, deserts and the International Space Station. Use less water  In most hydroponics systems, water is recirculated. Every bit of water is reused over and over again so hydroponic systems [...]

Have you ever killed a plant?

29 Jan 2016|Hydroponics|

Most of us have done that sometime. Now, if the experience feels bad, imagine what is like killing a whole crop. Everyday there are more people who start small cultures at their terraces, backyards or rooftops. Our motives are varied: some want to eat organic food; some to reduce their carbon footprint, to rescue local [...]

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