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Nanny is a device + app that helps you taking care of hydroponic cultures.

  1. Nanny has sensors that watch over the culture
  2. When your plants are in danger it sends a notification
  3. The app tells you what to do to avoid your plants suffering

Grow wiser

We admire the skill of seasoned growers who will get the most out of a seed, every-time. Get their ability to grow huge quality crops, just like them.

Let Nanny guide you in creating the perfect environment for your plants to thrive. Its agricultural engineering database covers more than 100 different crops.

Peace of mind

As a grower, you know the risks that threaten your plants: blackouts, mistakes, accidents…. It is stressful to think how fragile they are when something fails.

Fear no more, this little hero will fire the alarms the moment something bad happens, giving you enough time to save your babies. It has 19 different alarms to keep your plants safe.

A fine tool

Be inspired by a well designed tool. A fair amount of software and agricultural engineering work in the background to make sure your plants are fine, but all you’ll see is a clear dashboard. You’ll ask how could you live without it before.

List of risks Nanny can warn you of:

Nutrient solution

  • Electrical conductivity high
  • Electrical conductivity low
  • pH high
  • pH low
  • Temperature high
  • Temperature low


  • Temperature high
  • Temperature low
  • Relative humidity high
  • Relative humidity low


  • Power outage

In development

  • Pump malfunction
  • Reservoir level
  • Risk of plagues
  • Lighting changes


  • Just in time advice; your personal expert.
  • Graphs and data to better understand your culture.
  • The grower’s guide will help along the way with practical, scientific advice.
  • A visual tool to fine tune the nutrient solution. Easy to use means less mistakes.
  • Knows how to grow more than 100 common crops.
  • Push notifications for Android and iOS.
  • Privacy: secure communications, end to end encryption.

Download the app. It’s free!

Link to the App Store Link to Google Play
App nanny

The home screen is designed so you know at first sight the general state of your culture and how the main parameters are evolving. The warnings are important: they will also appear here so you don’t need to look for them.

App nanny

Make an irrigation solution with optimum pH and conductivity: add fertilizer slowly until the circles are aligned: there you are the perfect mix.

app nanny

The guide contains a lot of useful information. Use it as you like: read it through (to learn everything) or just the bit you need to solve a situation.

Who has worked on this?



Agricultural Engineer

She knows more than anyone about hydroponics. She adopts orphan plants.


José Ángel

Telecommunications, bioengineering and electronics Engineer

He has the longest title so he got the hardest job: Technical Director.



Industrial Engineer

His mission is making sure we build things you can love, and drinking coffee.

Jorge Rabadán


Graphic design and photography

Blame him for nanny’s elegant curves and beautiful packaging.




Graphic design and interaction

She baked and glazed with love every pixel in the app.


Digital marketing

They use arcane spells and witchcraft to make Google love us.



Our awesome partners who programmed the app and servers that keep everything running.



Produced the packaging. They are addicted to vintage printing techniques and the smell of ink in the morning.



Passionate people who are helping us to put this product on the market.


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