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Growing my indoor tomatoes. Transplanting

10 May 2016|nanny|

6th March. About 2 weeks after planting the seeds, they already have some leaves, and you can see white roots showing through the jiffy as in the image above. This seedling needs more space for its roots to grow: it is time to transplant them to the growing pot. If you wait too long, you [...]

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Growing my indoor tomatoes. Setting up the hydroponic system

3 May 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

25th of February. Seedlings. In my last post I started growing hydroponic indoors cherry tomatoes. This is the second of a series on this journey. I am using a General Hydroponics WaterFarm just like the one in this picture. It moves up the water with an air pump, using a clever system that pushes up [...]

Growing my indoor tomatoes

25 Apr 2016|nanny|

I am doing a little project of growing tomatoes indoors, using Nanny as my teacher. I started about 2 months ago and have been writing about it. Now that I have several of these posts ready, I will be publishing them, so you can have a sort of “step motion” fast view of the project.   [...]

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A farm in a container

19 Apr 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

We have been to Boston! We went to show Nanny and to learn. We did plenty of both, but also had time to meet the guy who runs Corner Stalk. First quality greens We bumped into his hydroponic lettuces in the Boston Public Market. Shawn and his wife Connie Cooney are entrepreneurs. In 2013 they [...]

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We started beta tests with Nanny!

21 Mar 2016|nanny|

Three weeks ago we started beta testing Nanny. Almost every pure digital startup launches products while still in beta. That isn't advisable for a hardware company because when things fail you cannot simply release a new version as you would do with a web site. You want everything to work as a charm before selling the [...]

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How often and how much to water a substrate system

10 Mar 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

This is a technical post for those who want to optimize irrigation of their hydroponic installation. We will use the concept of Readily Available Water or RAW. RAW means the volume of water that a substrate holds, that is easily taken by the plant. It depends on the substrate characteristics and the pot size: Substrate [...]

Things people asked about Nanny

24 Feb 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

What does Nanny do? It monitors hydroponic cultures. When something is wrong it sends an alarm and tells you what to do. Hydroponics rookie here. How does Nanny help? Farming is a craftsmanship: it requires time to become an expert. Nanny will gently guide you to avoid catastrophic mistakes and to mature as a grower. [...]

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