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First batch of Nannies sent

9 Aug 2016|nanny|

We are celebrating here: The last Nanny of the first batch has just been sent. Beta testers should be receiving them this week or the next one. This is awesome because it marks a big milestone for Nanny; it’s growing up. Up until now, all the beta testing has been done by friends or in-house. [...]

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Hydroponics to the people

18 Jul 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

When we see how urban farming is being developed and becoming part of our cities, one question that comes up is: who is going to own and operate the production systems? Big corporations or individuals and local companies? Which one do you prefer? I personally wouldn’t like big companies to be the sole owners of [...]

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Do you want a super cheap Nanny?

11 Jul 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

Do you really want to try out Nanny but you cannot afford the price? Join our beta testing program and help us improving Nanny. We are offering 20 Nannies at half price. The only thing we ask in exchange is that you actually use it and talk to us about your experience. What do you [...]

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The shop is now open

4 Jul 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

Beginning today, you can buy a Nanny for your hydroponic culture if you live in USA, Mexico or Canada. Other countries are coming soon. If you live in a different country, just write us to info (at) easyponic.com, and we will try to serve your order. Some of you have been following us for some time, and [...]

My indoor tomatoes. Learnings

24 Jun 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

These weeks I have been sharing my experiences growing indoor tomatoes. While the purpose of this experiment was to learn about Nanny, I got more than what I expected. I am reserving the experience of using a Nanny for next week; today I will write about other things I learned. The one mistake I will [...]

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Growing my indoors tomatoes. Harvest!

15 Jun 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

The previous post on these series I did a great leap forward. The truth is that mid-culture, things do not develop as quickly as at the beginning, or maybe it felt slower to me. Anyway, we left it a 17th of april with the first pollinated flower starting to develop; time for another fast forward. [...]

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The greenhouse technique for infinite tomatoes

7 Jun 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

There is a clever technique for farming tomatoes which I first saw used in the commercial greenhouses in Almería. I call it the infinite tomato technique and love it because it’s beautifully simple and very effective. The greenhouses are tall. In fact the taller the better for some uses. The factor limiting the total height [...]

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A Nanny in Paris

31 May 2016|nanny|

Sorry, no tomatoes this week, just a quick post about Nanny’s public debut. We went to Paris, to a connected things exhibition called Connected Conference. Here I am demoing Nanny to whoever was interested. The demo was simple: I added a bit of potassium hydroxide (pH up) to the nutrient solution of a small hydroponics system [...]

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Growing my indoor tomatoes. 5 weeks

24 May 2016|nanny|

I have been talking about my tomatoes for a few weeks now: seeding, hydroponic system, transplanting and taking root.  I just realize that this is starting to look like a really slooooow movie. I do not mind slow, in fact I reckon sometimes we need more slowness in our lives… mmmmh, summer… sorry; calm is [...]

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Growing my indoor tomatoes. Alarm!

17 May 2016|nanny|

7th of March In the previous posts of the series, I wrote about planting the seeds and transplanting to the hydroponic system. With everything checked and working, I felt pretty confident: what could go wrong? Well, the substrate did: the expanded clay was not acidic enough. As the nutritive solution passes through my cheap [...]

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