Why you should control pH and conductivity in hydroponics

12 May 2016|Hydroponics|

Why? That is a great question, let's dig right in! When we grow plants in pots for any other similar containers, we're limiting the ability of the roots to explore the ground looking for water and nutrients. Thus, if our intent is to grow plants inside of a pot, we must provide a suitable environment and [...]

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Growing my indoor tomatoes. Setting up the hydroponic system

3 May 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

25th of February. Seedlings. In my last post I started growing hydroponic indoors cherry tomatoes. This is the second of a series on this journey. I am using a General Hydroponics WaterFarm just like the one in this picture. It moves up the water with an air pump, using a clever system that pushes up [...]

A farm in a container

19 Apr 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

We have been to Boston! We went to show Nanny and to learn. We did plenty of both, but also had time to meet the guy who runs Corner Stalk. First quality greens We bumped into his hydroponic lettuces in the Boston Public Market. Shawn and his wife Connie Cooney are entrepreneurs. In 2013 they [...]

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Tiny predators

13 Apr 2016|Hydroponics|

In our last post we talked about controlling pest bugs using other bugs. Here you are a small collection of some of these killers, loved by all growers. We have chosen generalist predators, that will attack a variety of pests for you. Think of them as your little soldiers.   Ladybird beetles There are thousands [...]

Pest Management; talking about bugs

6 Apr 2016|Hydroponics|

The indiscriminate use of pesticides is bad for the environment, bad for the final customer and bad for the farmer. They are so harmful that you should avoid them unless it is the only and last option. Moreover, it is not sustainable, because its continued use  induces mechanisms of resistance in pathogens. This means that [...]

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The secret to avoid plant diseases

31 Mar 2016|Hydroponics|

As promised, here it is the second part on how to grow healthy plants. The first step to have a healthy culture is prevention; you should start before planting. Clean and disinfect substrate, pots, pipes and growing chamber. Be thorough, especially if you had any disease in your previous crop. In this case I would [...]

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The disease triangle, or how to grow healthy crops

28 Mar 2016|Hydroponics|

For a disease to develop, three conditions need to happen: There is a host plant susceptible to the disease. The pathogen which causes the disease is present. Environmental conditions are favorable to the development of the disease. This is called the disease triangle. We may act on all three sides of it to keep our [...]

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What is “water footprint” and how can hydroponics help to reduce it?

15 Mar 2016|Hydroponics|

Have you ever thought about how much water has been used to make your shoes or the clothes you are wearing? How much to produce the food you eat? How much of this water have been polluted in these processes? You should know about the “water footprint”. We live in a world where water wars [...]

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How often and how much to water a substrate system

10 Mar 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

This is a technical post for those who want to optimize irrigation of their hydroponic installation. We will use the concept of Readily Available Water or RAW. RAW means the volume of water that a substrate holds, that is easily taken by the plant. It depends on the substrate characteristics and the pot size: Substrate [...]

How to choose the right substrate?

3 Mar 2016|Hydroponics|

As one of my professors always said: There is no perfect substrate, but a perfect management for each substrate. Many materials can potentially be used as horticultural substrates. There are some quite exotic like rice hull, volcanic rock, coco dust, biochar… In fact the ideal substrate for you is the most accessible, cheap, that covers [...]

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