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How hydroponics will save us and Nanny will help

7 Sep 2016|Environment|

In startups events, so many companies start their pitch asserting epically that they will be changing the world, that they have become a cliche. Well maybe easyponic will change it, maybe not, but hydroponics and indoor farming certainly will. They solve many problems of traditional farming: 90% water use reduction Less pesticides on the food [...]

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Alternative local substrate: volcanic rock

26 Aug 2016|Environment|

When analyzing pros and cons of substrates with a wider perspective, we should also consider the carbon footprint. Substrates produced far away have to be transported over long distances, which is costly for the environment. A typical example is coconut fiber, that is produced mainly in India or Sri Lanka and then shipped to America [...]

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The way to the sustainability: my grain of sand.

17 Aug 2016|Environment|

I know that many people think that progress is necessarily incompatible with the preservation of the environment. I do not think so, I think we have time to pursue a sustainable development, which use technological advances to produce resources more efficient, clean and environmentally friendly way. Introduction of beehives of bumblebees to improve the tomato [...]

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The symbiosis of Economy and Ecology

5 May 2016|Environment|

Economy and Ecology: Two vastly differing words that aren't often used in the same sentence, much less combined in real life.  Today, I'd like to inform you that not only can they work together, but that it's already being done! The Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO) has combined some of their branches into a new [...]

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