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Growing my indoors tomatoes. Harvest!

15 Jun 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

The previous post on these series I did a great leap forward. The truth is that mid-culture, things do not develop as quickly as at the beginning, or maybe it felt slower to me. Anyway, we left it a 17th of april with the first pollinated flower starting to develop; time for another fast forward. [...]

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The greenhouse technique for infinite tomatoes

7 Jun 2016|Hydroponics, nanny|

There is a clever technique for farming tomatoes which I first saw used in the commercial greenhouses in Almería. I call it the infinite tomato technique and love it because it’s beautifully simple and very effective. The greenhouses are tall. In fact the taller the better for some uses. The factor limiting the total height [...]

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A Nanny in Paris

31 May 2016|nanny|

Sorry, no tomatoes this week, just a quick post about Nanny’s public debut. We went to Paris, to a connected things exhibition called Connected Conference. Here I am demoing Nanny to whoever was interested. The demo was simple: I added a bit of potassium hydroxide (pH up) to the nutrient solution of a small hydroponics system [...]

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How to make my own nutrient solution

26 May 2016|Hydroponics|

So, you want to make your own nutrient solution? Not sure where to start? You're in luck! Today, that's precisely what we're going to talk about. Let's dig in! The first thing to understand as we work through it is this: There is no perfect solution for every crop. You'll have a few bumps in [...]

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Growing my indoor tomatoes. 5 weeks

24 May 2016|nanny|

I have been talking about my tomatoes for a few weeks now: seeding, hydroponic system, transplanting and taking root.  I just realize that this is starting to look like a really slooooow movie. I do not mind slow, in fact I reckon sometimes we need more slowness in our lives… mmmmh, summer… sorry; calm is [...]

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Nutrient solutions

19 May 2016|Hydroponics|

Bram Steiner passed away recently, on the 1st of March 2016 at the age of 95. He was one of the founding fathers of hydroponics in horticulture. He fought for years to keep alive the research on soilless techniques when nobody believed in them; he was ridiculed for his ideas. In the early sixties he [...]

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Growing my indoor tomatoes. Alarm!

17 May 2016|nanny|

7th of March In the previous posts of the series, I wrote about planting the seeds and transplanting to the hydroponic system. With everything checked and working, I felt pretty confident: what could go wrong? Well, the substrate did: the expanded clay was not acidic enough. As the nutritive solution passes through my cheap [...]

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Why you should control pH and conductivity in hydroponics

12 May 2016|Hydroponics|

Why? That is a great question, let's dig right in! When we grow plants in pots for any other similar containers, we're limiting the ability of the roots to explore the ground looking for water and nutrients. Thus, if our intent is to grow plants inside of a pot, we must provide a suitable environment and [...]

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Growing my indoor tomatoes. Transplanting

10 May 2016|nanny|

6th March. About 2 weeks after planting the seeds, they already have some leaves, and you can see white roots showing through the jiffy as in the image above. This seedling needs more space for its roots to grow: it is time to transplant them to the growing pot. If you wait too long, you [...]

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The symbiosis of Economy and Ecology

5 May 2016|Environment|

Economy and Ecology: Two vastly differing words that aren't often used in the same sentence, much less combined in real life.  Today, I'd like to inform you that not only can they work together, but that it's already being done! The Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO) has combined some of their branches into a new [...]

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