Sorry, no tomatoes this week, just a quick post about Nanny’s public debut. We went to Paris, to a connected things exhibition called Connected Conference. Here I am demoing Nanny to whoever was interested.

explaining Nanny

The demo was simple: I added a bit of potassium hydroxide (pH up) to the nutrient solution of a small hydroponics system and we watched the app. In 4 or 5 seconds the pH indicator went up like crazy, and 4 seconds later the cell phone received a notification. Everything worked like a charm! I have been very confident on the robustness of the hardware for months and now the software is up to par.

One day I was walking after the fair through the “Jardins Rosa-Luxemburg“, a new and beautiful park in the north of Paris and I casually found something interesting… it seemed like… yes, outdoors hydroponics, displayed for the public of the park.

outdoors hydroponics

I was lucky enough that one of the persons responsible was around. He is a landscape architect and aquaponics aficionado and was finishing the installation of a very nice system. Most of it was wooden and had two fish tanks each one linked to a different hydroponic system: one with expanded clay and the other one a NFT (nutrient film technique) The structure was hand-made and looked like it was working very well. Laurent told me that it was moved from somewhere else a couple months ago, and he just was planting the NFT side.


The plants happily feeding on fish waste 😀

We talked about aquaponics; he told me that the fish produce almost everything the plants need, and they only added some micronutrients like iron. I do not know much about aquaponics, but until then I thought that the fish waste contained mainly nitrates. I will have to check again to get my facts right. Laurent and a group of other experts were working on a big hydroponics installation and was delighted when I told him about Nanny. We exchanged business cards and he told me that they will definitely be checking Nanny as the support system for their project.


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